Invite friends for $500 promotional points

Promotion time: all time

Promotion details:The inviter must click on [Apply Now] within 24 hours after the new member deposited value, and provide the [Membership Account] & [[Registered Number] & [Bundled Bank Account Name] of the new member . After the system verified, will immediately credit 500 points to your e-wallet, no overturn needed to withdraw.

Promotion qualification:Inviters must register on the platform for one month or more, and the total deposited value has reached 10,000 or more.

Application examples:
Member’s account: 1a111
Registered number: 0000000000
Bundled Bank Account Name: Fortune Gaming

  • New members need to complete the deposit procedure first, the inviter can receive the referral bonus, and must apply within 24 hours after the new member's deposit.
  • Both new and existing members must complete the bank account binding. If the new member’s bank account information is incorrectly filled out, the inviter will be disqualified to receive the referral bonus.
  • [Invitees] If the same account/phone number/same ip location, the inviter can only apply once.
  • To uphold the principle of fairness and justice, Fortune Gaming has the right to monitor member’s activities. In the event of fraudulent use of fraud or loopholes, we reserve the right to terminate the service of your account.
  • Fortune Gaming reserves the right of final interpretation of the event and reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the offer at any time

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